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My favourite sneakers..

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I love high heels, classy style, strikt and uncomfortable.
BUT, I am happy that i got attached to the new cool street style and I love to combine sporty sneakers with elegant pieces.
You already know and saw how much I love Isabel Marant, but there are some other ones that i love to wear..

 I allready wrote about the Sandro-Albatorock sneakers, but look at the new gray ones that just hit the stores.
 Guiseppe Zanotti made so many sneakers, there is a pair for every taste.

An Italian brand that found fame thanks to its sneakers and boots in used-effect leather.
Founded in 2000 by designers Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, Golden Goose soon achieved the highest success in the world of fashion, positioning itself among the top luxury boutiques in Italy and around the world. Bearing the brand's trademark star, Golden Goose's vintage-style sneakers have become an iconic item of footwear. The brand's leather boots, a mix of country style and rock-chic detail, are a perfect example of high-quality Italian manufacturing and attention to detail




Born of the bond between Angelo Lupis and Japanese designer Ishikawa.
Unisex shoes produced exclusively in Italy that connect tradition and innovation, history and future.
The appearance of the used and dirty sneakers and was procured by washing and dyeing details.




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