Buy your dreams instead


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Jacket: Helmut (Lang)
Bracelet: Balenciaga/YSL/DjiDji
Balenciaga leather glove wedge
Happpy midsummer

Go Sweden!

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National day in Sweden.

It's summertime, I'm experiencing some really nice days right now, I'm getting reminded of why I love this country...



Wearing: Alexander Wang shirt/Gianvito Rossi shoes/RA-RE jeans shorts/

Givanchy bracelet/Balenciaga belt/Celine Bag/Rick Owens jacket


Buy your dreams instead..

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I believed that i was buying things... things that were sometimes expensive, maybe sometimes not worth that much money or "do i really need this" so called things..Useful or less, reasonable purchases..
Then It turned for me to buy my so called dreams instead, and everything got much simplier..
Now, i invest in a good feeling and a good appearance!

Try to see it this way..
 Alexander McQueen scarf
Alexander Wang blouse
  Lanvin shoes
Chanel bag
 Rag&Bone jeans
 Hermes bracelet
 Acne sweater
Dont chase the classic blazer/jacket because you have high heels and evening clutch.
Take a collage sweater instead and give It some attitude

A little bit of next season

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Milan/stellamccartney showroom/ sweater/ 2013/14 /
One of pieces that most of the designers has for next season.
A must have!
Milan/showroom/stellamccartney /2013/14
Milan/stellamccartney showroom/ new shape for next season/2103/14
It's lace in a wild mix with everything ! /u ll see it in jeans,sweaters,dresses/ not really my style,but feminine definitely.
Milan/stellamccartney /showroom /2013/14
Giuseppe zanotti/Milan/showroom/2013/

My new beauties

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Balenciaga shoes

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Soo cool..
Green is my color this year/ thanks B!
Not comfy but must have..
My favorite bal!

Last night

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After some good  Chinese food we took off to Costes. Really nice evening!

My favourite sneakers..

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I love high heels, classy style, strikt and uncomfortable.
BUT, I am happy that i got attached to the new cool street style and I love to combine sporty sneakers with elegant pieces.
You already know and saw how much I love Isabel Marant, but there are some other ones that i love to wear..

 I allready wrote about the Sandro-Albatorock sneakers, but look at the new gray ones that just hit the stores.
 Guiseppe Zanotti made so many sneakers, there is a pair for every taste.

An Italian brand that found fame thanks to its sneakers and boots in used-effect leather.
Founded in 2000 by designers Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, Golden Goose soon achieved the highest success in the world of fashion, positioning itself among the top luxury boutiques in Italy and around the world. Bearing the brand's trademark star, Golden Goose's vintage-style sneakers have become an iconic item of footwear. The brand's leather boots, a mix of country style and rock-chic detail, are a perfect example of high-quality Italian manufacturing and attention to detail




Born of the bond between Angelo Lupis and Japanese designer Ishikawa.
Unisex shoes produced exclusively in Italy that connect tradition and innovation, history and future.
The appearance of the used and dirty sneakers and was procured by washing and dyeing details.



Phillip Lim in todays outfit

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N the New Phillip lim is here.!
Now of to the job/wearing beautiful & crazy lim blouse with my fav leggings: Designer remix collection.
Balenciaga boots,
my little fav Chanel bag
n' a touch of gold today-Givenchy bracelet..
Happy Valentines!


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I'll walk easier this year.. It started with 3x Lanvin & 3x marant❤❤❤

It's one of those things, once you try u just can't go without it. I usually never say never but I remember my first discussion about ballerina shoes: never ever I said 😊.. Just a few years later, of course I am a owner of many pairs. Actually this month I purchased two ballerina's by Lanvin..
I was lucky and naught a pair of beautiful red ones at ABCD, they were on sale and I got them for half the price!! The other ones I bought at my favorite store: NK acces. This store is probably one of the most beautiful stores in Europe! One of those shops (there are not many) that can't make you say no, no matter what taste you have.
The other "crazy moment" happened with Isabel Marant sneakers!! Does anyone tried those ugly beauties and said that they don't want a pair??? I don't believe so!!
When I saw them for the first time I didn't even tried them on. But yes, I thought they were cool, definitely. The price felt a bit to much for something I couldn't define either ugly or beautiful. But I didn't stay indifferent, no one can.... So the Marant story started of for me last year in Paris, I'll show you how I wore those..Heel measures approximately 100mm/ 4 inches. Spotted on everyone from street style icons to the front row, model 'Bekett' (which is my favourite just now) are a fashion pack essential, and I love this latest version with the star! If you’re addicted to heels (or prefere them as I do) and want a casual alternative, Isabel Marant going with a hidden wedge over an exposed one is so much classier!
Ooh my god soo comfortable..

When it comes to prices for me, If It looks expensive and If you really love It, I definitely believe Its worth every cent!

Sometimes you just know what's right for you, but sometimes - you'll learn from others..