Buy your dreams instead

Go Sweden!

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National day in Sweden.

It's summertime, I'm experiencing some really nice days right now, I'm getting reminded of why I love this country...



Wearing: Alexander Wang shirt/Gianvito Rossi shoes/RA-RE jeans shorts/

Givanchy bracelet/Balenciaga belt/Celine Bag/Rick Owens jacket


Buy your dreams instead..

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I believed that i was buying things... things that were sometimes expensive, maybe sometimes not worth that much money or "do i really need this" so called things..Useful or less, reasonable purchases..
Then It turned for me to buy my so called dreams instead, and everything got much simplier..
Now, i invest in a good feeling and a good appearance!

Try to see it this way..
 Alexander McQueen scarf
Alexander Wang blouse
  Lanvin shoes
Chanel bag
 Rag&Bone jeans
 Hermes bracelet
 Acne sweater
Dont chase the classic blazer/jacket because you have high heels and evening clutch.
Take a collage sweater instead and give It some attitude

Today with Farrell...

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Today with Farrell life is more than a joke to me
Celine trio bag/helmut cardigan/cos leather pants/life is a joke elevenparis
Had a nice meal

My little one..

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Balenciaga bags.

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And off course the green one
Love that colour, shape, everything..
finally a clutch with a belt
Must have details..

morning gym

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Off to the gym..
Neverfull Louis Vuitton
Really Neverfull, whatever you put in it, there is allways space for more..
Shabbies boots/ thats how I go comfortable
more Is more when it comes to Balenciaga/t.shirt

Happy Sunny Day!!

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 Goldie/beige Rag & Bone to match the sunny day
 life with fashion
And off course, Balenciaga bracelet in its place..
you'll find it here Lyst
life with fashion


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Phillip Lim in todays outfit

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N the New Phillip lim is here.!
Now of to the job/wearing beautiful & crazy lim blouse with my fav leggings: Designer remix collection.
Balenciaga boots,
my little fav Chanel bag
n' a touch of gold today-Givenchy bracelet..
Happy Valentines!

Celin trio, waiting list..

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Waiting list makes things much more interesting and worthful!
Can't wait until tomorrow, will my Celine trio come?
she's a beauty.. So clean, minimal and simple, It can make your outfit stunning!
Soon to be mine!

Today's outfit!

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Now of to the city with the best boots and good music..
Balenciagas cool leather bracelets cost so little but does a lot for your everyday outfit!!
I have a few different coulors that I mix with other bracelets.
It works, trust me!
Burberry coat is never "out". I like to combine it with NO classic garments, like today with Isabel Marant boots and knitted oversized sweater.

Nelson Mandela 46664

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     Today 23 years ago Nelson Mandela was relised after having been imprisoned since 1964.                             46664 Bangle Initiative was launched in June 2008 under 46664 concert in London, which was held to celebrate Nelson Mandela's 90 birthday. The goal is to create a piece of jewelery of high value, made by the South African precious metals silver, gold and platinum.
46664 got its name from Nelson Mandela's prison number on Robben Island. He was prisoner number 466 and imprisoned in 1964. inspired by Nelson Mandela's vision and leadership 46664 was created as an African response to the global HIV / AIDS epedimic that gives the world a chance to take the fight upon yourselfes. 71% of the revenue goes directly to the Nelson Mandela Foundation.
I found mine in Wakakuu, and I love to combine it with some of my Hermes,Balenciaga or DjiDji Italy bracelets. Today,in honour to Nelson Mandela, I wear my 46664 with Hermes Kelly bracelet.
Wakakuu is one of the most intersting boutiques right now, either buying online or in there beautiful store! N I always do some good shopping that makes me go back n buy more:-) that's the store!
I wear rag n bone blazer that I made a bit sharper by adding shoulder pads. it really makes a difference!
Isabel marant sneakers followed me today again (this time the black ones),n my beauty Balenciaga papiere ledger bag...