Buy your dreams instead

Buy your dreams instead..

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I believed that i was buying things... things that were sometimes expensive, maybe sometimes not worth that much money or "do i really need this" so called things..Useful or less, reasonable purchases..
Then It turned for me to buy my so called dreams instead, and everything got much simplier..
Now, i invest in a good feeling and a good appearance!

Try to see it this way..
 Alexander McQueen scarf
Alexander Wang blouse
  Lanvin shoes
Chanel bag
 Rag&Bone jeans
 Hermes bracelet
 Acne sweater
Dont chase the classic blazer/jacket because you have high heels and evening clutch.
Take a collage sweater instead and give It some attitude

Strictly reserved for you

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What does it mean-to be cool? Nicole: It s something really really nice..
Julia:It is when you wear like my mom
Julia is my 5 years old dother,and she made my day,whatever her answer was :-)
For me,the MUSIC is the coolest thing in the world....
Isabell Marant sneakers
This beautiful lamp you can get from lilla soffbutiken 
Rag&Bone top & Helmut Lang pants
 DjiDji & cartier
Marc Jacobs glasses
Let your life be more beautiful with some good (soul) music.. It´s so easy - just tune in!

Ballerina shoes or not?

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I really do not think that ballerinas makes me either cool or pretty, but sometimes they really can make my day.
As I am such a big fan of high heels, I need to think twice what to wear with flats to still feel ok.
Today wasn t my best combo but my tip is: some looser pants, that is smaller by the ancle, with a tight armless top with a small round neck, add some cool details... It can actually work;)


Marathon for me -NO!
Love buildings..
Lanvin ballerina shoes, Celine trio bag
Iro pants, Iosselliani neckless, Hermes bracelett
Rag & Bone top, Bottega Veneta bracelett

Country side sunday

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Busy big city streets - people,crowd, lights,millions of different sounds rumbling, hundreds of shops, cafes.. This is how I see a perfect day. A day in the city, city with a big C.
But sometimes, just sometimes :) like today, I love to hear that crazy silence, country side silence...
A touch of nature, that big piece of sky over your head, clears my mind and gives me such calmness... And calm is not a common word in my life, It just doesnt fit me. Yet, even me need It sometimes.
I wish you a happy monday wherever  you are..
Rag&Bone sweater/Replay jeans/Isabel Marant Boots/

Devil in a new dress..

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"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world,especcially today,when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language."
Miuccia Prada
Anyone can buy fashion, but remember - Style is not included..
Gianvito Rossi shoes
Rick Owens jacket
Dsquared jeans / Chanel bag ( wallet on a chain)
Chanel belt
Love/ M

far from boring,though in gtb;-)

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It took me many years to understand "having a drink".
Thank you my best Jennifer , I should have taken your advice many years ago..
Anine Bing leather pants
Stylein blouse/Balenciaga bag
DjiDji silver bracelet
Balenciaga & Mandela bracelet
Lanvin ballerina shoes
Cheers to the best photografer
Keep on beautify your life - as I do

good days...

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        The day of fashion,job,love n sun today...
Finally the Anine Bing order that I placed, arrived today to one of the best stores ever. It is fun to have this wonderful mix of avantgarde Rick Owens, classy Saint Laurent, trendsetting Stella McCartney, big Balenciaga, lanvin, Marni, with celeberties favourite shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti, fantastic Alexander Wang.. with contemporary but cool Zadig & Voltaire, sporty Ugg & Hunter..
And now trendy Anine Bing joined this fantastic union. Fantastic Distante!
It's woth a short trip to Belgrade just to see all pieces af art in these beautiful stores.
My outfit today reminds me of that only the best is good enough - Rick Owens leather..Undisputed!
Todays outfit
RIck Owens robot leather jacket/Anine Bing tank top/Isabell Marant sneakers/Louis Vuitton bag/DjiDji bangles with Mullberry leather bracelet

I'm here again..

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I never pretend! Sometimes the winds just blows in another direction, n Its for me just to wait.. Then the beauty comes again, n u will see that Im happy.. To simplify things Is an art, a kind of art that Im not good in.
Careless indifference  is a great gift and a powerful weapon when you are young. So If u r young kill em all and beautify your life!

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