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When night out that was promising nothing gives u the most of laughs.
When persons that was just "being around" you suddenly attaches to your heart.
When a country that i never belived in gives me so much happines and shows me that i was so wrong..
Those are the moments when i love to be wrong... 

Wearing- balenciaga t-shirt / stylein shorts / lanvin ballerina shoes / balmain scarf / celine trio bag / chanel belt / balenciaga bracelet
Love M

N what about wedding?

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 I don't think that my little dream about a big white dress would make me happier than i am, but still..

I have it all in my mind - the dress, place, guests, music..
Gosh I really cant complain! I actually have the (very) right One.
We celebrated our tenth anniversary and the party with The dress is just on standby..
Happy love to everyone who loves!

Wearing, Alexander Wang shoes/Dsquared jeans/Pierre Balmain scarf/Alexander McQueen clutch
Love M

summer time..

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There is no one and nothing that you can love and hate over and over again, so many times and so strong.. than life. That's the beauty with it.

Whenever you hate you know that love follows.
I breathe so deep right now, :)... Those "nows" gives sence to everything.
Everyone, everywhere no matter what they are doing have their beautiful moment in their own way.

Rebecca bracelet
Giuseppe Zanotti necklace
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Diane Von Furstenberg skirt
Love M

Street art.

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The older I get the more I feel for city spirit,city streets.. N street art. I miss street art..
In the city I live it s not that easy to find one. It s just no popular here. For me,it s inspiration,freedom, message,thought,rich medium for unrestricted expression of ideas and statements...
Wearing rag and bone sweater /dsquared jeans shorts /balenciaga wedges /balenciaga bag /hermes bracelets
Soon,a lot of graffiti pictures from beautiful Belgrade..

lets have a toast for the good days n for the.....

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There's garmins that are so powerful n magic, can help you in a sec...
If your not in a mood to think fashion.
Good heels can change the whole picture, no matter what you wear.
Little black dress.
Good pair of jeans as well.
A good leather jacket gives you attitude, that really rocks!
And Johan Lindeberg makes Sweden proud, New Yorkers allready know a lot about his brand BLK DNM.

Do you?

Im wearing black leather jacket 1 from BLK DNM

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