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When things goes in a good rhythm

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New projects on the way. Feels good..

It feels like this.... 

Go Sweden!

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National day in Sweden.

It's summertime, I'm experiencing some really nice days right now, I'm getting reminded of why I love this country...



Wearing: Alexander Wang shirt/Gianvito Rossi shoes/RA-RE jeans shorts/

Givanchy bracelet/Balenciaga belt/Celine Bag/Rick Owens jacket


Strictly reserved for you

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What does it mean-to be cool? Nicole: It s something really really nice..
Julia:It is when you wear like my mom
Julia is my 5 years old dother,and she made my day,whatever her answer was :-)
For me,the MUSIC is the coolest thing in the world....
Isabell Marant sneakers
This beautiful lamp you can get from lilla soffbutiken 
Rag&Bone top & Helmut Lang pants
 DjiDji & cartier
Marc Jacobs glasses
Let your life be more beautiful with some good (soul) music.. It´s so easy - just tune in!

Devil in a new dress..

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"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world,especcially today,when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language."
Miuccia Prada
Anyone can buy fashion, but remember - Style is not included..
Gianvito Rossi shoes
Rick Owens jacket
Dsquared jeans / Chanel bag ( wallet on a chain)
Chanel belt
Love/ M

J'AI d'l'amour,d'la joie,de la bonne humeur :-)...

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Soon off to Paris fashion week!!

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I found a fantastic book about Paris today.
Paris, portrait of a city - Taschen, delivers to it’s readers a fascinating historical record of transformations – in the city’s fashions, it’s people, objects and places – captured by the most illustrious photographers!
As exciting as every time. Even more expectations for what the fashion week will deliver..
I'll keep you posted
What would life be without fashion, what would fashion be without music?
It all goes togeather!!