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Happy sunny easter

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Linda Farrow glasses
Stella McCartney jeans
Acne blazer
 Chanel wallet on a chain
Lanvin shoes
Acne shirt
Before you´re out looking for happiness, check out -
maybe you allready have enough to be happy...

Day off..

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Iosselliani jewellery

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Take a closer look around you, cause you can miss precious details..

Some jewelry is meant to simply be worn. Others -- like Iosselliani’s uncommon mixes of Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, plated metals, and 18 carat gold -- are designed to slither around the neck, buzz on the ears, and  flutter on the fingers.

The brand was conceived when coupple Paolo Giacomelli (whose resume includes designing accessories for Kenzo, Missoni, and Alessandro dell’Acqua) and Roberta Paolucci realized their mutual passion for expressive materials and classic Italian aesthetic. Using unique production techniques, including hand-carving certain pieces in a traditional Naples studio. 

IOSSELLIANI collection is frequently featured editorials from Another Magazine, Elle, Dazed & Confused, Interview Magazine, Lucky Magazine, Marie Claire, Nylon Magazine, New York Times, Vogue UK, Vogue Italia, Vogue Spain, Dossier Journal, Self Service, Numero and WWD.

Flagship stores in New York, Rome, Tokyo and Osaka. Sold in stores such as Barney´s, La Rinascente &           Le Bon Marche. In Sweden you can find it in Sally Jones - Gothenburg




A little bit of next season

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Milan/stellamccartney showroom/ sweater/ 2013/14 /
One of pieces that most of the designers has for next season.
A must have!
Milan/showroom/stellamccartney /2013/14
Milan/stellamccartney showroom/ new shape for next season/2103/14
It's lace in a wild mix with everything ! /u ll see it in jeans,sweaters,dresses/ not really my style,but feminine definitely.
Milan/stellamccartney /showroom /2013/14
Giuseppe zanotti/Milan/showroom/2013/

When white rap and black sings..

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 Kepp on going in black and white style today..

Philip & Me meeting Gucci

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So happy that BLK & Whte is back!
For me It was never out.


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A new project by Johan Lindbergh. The icon who built Diesel brand in the early 90s, founded and named the brand J Lindbergh -96, and served as creative force behind Justin Timberlake's clothing line William Rast is back with the new project. With its roots in New York and is based in denim BLK DNM started in 2010 a brand that would stand outside the fashion seasons and instead constantly adding new products to their line. Stripped-down simplicity combined with high fashion, a brand that consolidates Johan Lindberg's position on the fashion map!

 Soon to be found in my closet...

Todays outfit

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I made my day beige, soft n' warm.
Gloves Hermes/Celine bag/rag & bone sweater/ the row glasses

My new beauties

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Today with Farrell...

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Today with Farrell life is more than a joke to me
Celine trio bag/helmut cardigan/cos leather pants/life is a joke elevenparis
Had a nice meal

Helmut Newton

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Today I bought a fantastic book, It felt good to be reminded of the legend Helmut Newton that I always admired.
I had a magic moment when I was listening to Katie Melua and leafed through the book ...
Some classics will always remain classics ..
Karl Lagerfeld, Paris 1976
French Vouge, Paris 1976
Yves Saint Laurent, French Vouge, Paris 1975
Kate Moss - Yves Saint Laurent, Paris 1993
Fashion Balmain - French Vouge, Paris 1979
Cahterine Deneuve, Paris 1976
YSL - French Vouge, Paris 1979
YSL, Paris 1979
Fashion Mugler, Monte Carlo 1998
Fashion Mugler . French Vouge, Paris 1996
Helmut Newton (1920-2004)
Helmut Newton was born 1920 in Berlin and passed away 2004 in Los Angeles.He is considered by many to be a legend in modern photography.
During the 1930s, he studied fashion and portrait photography.He was inspired by both Brassaïs as the documentary photographer Erich Solomon. He was published frequently in magazines Elle and Vogue and outside the fashion world he was noticed for his black-and-white photographs. He often tried to recreate the forbidden and scandalous - famous people caught in the act.


My little one..

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Today's outfit

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 Drome leather
  Zadig & Voltaire 
 Celine bag/Isabel marant boots
 <a href="">Följ min blogg med Bloglovin</a>

Gothenburg delivers

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Fashion show spring summer 2013, in trend setting shopping mall NK,Gothenburg
T by Alexander Wang jacket, I found mine in Nk Gallery
Loved the black & white theme & yellow moments..


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Paris pictures flying through my mind..
Who want's to leave Paris?
The sunniest clouds i ever seen..
My new colour..
It was on my must list..
And a Paris dessert for me,
good that i had a huge suitcase...
Time for CDG....

Coming down after Paris...

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Life is a joke. Sometimes..

Last night dinner

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After another long day we had a long good night
in love witappraiser again
time for good food

Balenciaga bags.

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And off course the green one
Love that colour, shape, everything..
finally a clutch with a belt
Must have details..

Balenciaga shoes

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Soo cool..
Green is my color this year/ thanks B!
Not comfy but must have..
My favorite bal!

Balenciaga yesterday

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 Balenciaga by Wang..
This will be mine!
 N my beauty again..

Saint Laurent disappointment..

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Well this was more a dissapointment than a satisfaction.. Ok there is a new designer (Hedi Slimane) and he braught changes to Saint Lourent but for me, It was not to the better!
Jeans and Burberry lining in the topcoats? Bags that looks like copies of Celine..
But, OK -seazon to seazon.. We hope for the next one!
We did find some really nice pices of bags and shoes and some classic smokings!
But then, we loooved Balenciaga!!
I´ll keep you posted...

More Saint Laurient

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Let's get down to business!
WOW for that shape!
Why do I see Burberry in YSL??
Even here, a deep v neck

Saint Laurant

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This is what I call a good break before entering the showroom of Saint Laurent!!
Who dosen't want thoose...
We take them too, like a bonus :)

Zadig & Voltaire stop

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On our way to Balenciaga we stopped by at
on our way, we made som really nice purchase here

Lets start this day

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Breakfast at Café de flore
Now off to Balenciaga showroom..
Stella McCartney coat
Maria in a Stella McCartney jacket.

Caf'e' Costes

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Last night, tired but having fun!
Looking forward to tomorrow!!


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I can tell you that L'eclaireur is THE best concept store in the French Capital – If you told me “and what about Colette?” I would tell you, Colette’s got the hype, L’Eclaireur got the class!  Nothing comes close to them in Paris. Owned by French fashion connoisseur Armand Hadida and his wife Martine. They already have 5 stores in Paris and 1 in Tokyo – This one is their 6th one, and they went pretty far into the concept, designed by Belgian Designer Arne Quinze. They decided to create a space different than any other boutiques, they wanted to prove that for selling fashion, it is not obligatory to show it, and this is why they decided to hide part of the clothes, leaving room for the percievers imagination.

And now DVF!

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Let´s purchase!

Love this lace dress!
Soft print, one of key pieces next year, DVF!
Leather, animal print. DVF has really strong look next season..

rag & bone..continued

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Found my hat at rag & bone´s showroom.
But i have to wait until this autumn..
got to have!

time for rag & bone

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Lunch break at
Café de Flore


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N´today there is no sun in Paris, we should be tired from lastnight, but no!
Cant wait to drop by Rag & Bone showroom, & then in the afternoon I´ll see wht Diane Von Furstenberg has to deliver!
C est Comme la Maison:-

Last night

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After some good  Chinese food we took off to Costes. Really nice evening!

Long day & late night..

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Aperlai shoes

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Aperlai shoes,
Mira Duma is a big fan of these one..

Miroslava Mira Duma was an editor for Harpers Bazaar Russia and now is a freelance writer for numerous publications such as Ok Magazin Russia Tatler, Glamour.  She has become known as a fashion icon internationally, and has been photographed by Scott Schuman for The Sartorialistand Garance Dore. 

Some of Miraslava's favourite designers include, Miu Miu, YSL, Lanvin, Alexander Wang and Prada. 



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Windy Alexander McQueen..

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Now off to Paris!!!!

J'AI d'l'amour,d'la joie,de la bonne humeur :-)...

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