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Love foolosophy !

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I love unserious conversations that don't go anywhere. Unserious but with sense.. I love when people do not try to be smart. Love when conversations gets foolish and we use the same "toys" to get foolish.
I am the lucky one that s surrounded with a few of those. Many enough for a little class ready for exam in foolosophy! And I wish Charlie fr "2 n 1/2 man" could join us :-) !
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Saint Laurent boots/VitaFede bracelet/Chanel bag

Serious drug

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I have for whatever reason looked back on the last month. Paris fashion week,spent some time in Cote D'azur,hysterically lots of shopping.. I had time for work,friends n nights out,my princesses,husband.. And the blog?? Well... for you that are at least a bit interested..I'm here and I'll try to stay...
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"Fashion fades,only style remains the same."

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Fashion has become much more forgiving and accepting n I love it! Now you can (almost) borrow fr your boyfriend n go sexy pretty style,more feminine then ever. I already took the big white shirt fr my hubby last time, now i ll swap my skinniest trousers for a much more relaxed tailored (almost made it with his;-))
As fashion is nothing to me if its not with my kind of wearing it, this time i did it with this cropped short one.
Wearing: Rag & Bone trousers/Alice & Olivia top/Acne Studios leather jacket/Gianvito Rossi shoes/Givenchy obsedia bag

Objects in the rearview mirror may appear closer then they are

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Deselved, wrinkled, sleepily.. Oversized with supertight, monochrome.
As usally my black meets white.
Sunday jazz after saturday house sound...
Key pieces for a cool downtown look: timeless white shirt with perfect Helmut leather pants.
Wearing: Acnestudios white shirt/Helmut Lang leather pants/Acnestudios jensen boots/Givenchy obsedia bag/Celine bracelet/Bottega Veneta bracelet/Maison Scotch hat/Prada shades

Bring on the knites!

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Oversized knitwear set the direction for falls biggest trends!
Helmut made my favourite this year, felt so right that i got 2 - blk & white.
Perfect combo is with leather pants or a little skirt or, best case a long one with biker boots.
I call it the sexy little cozy thing...;-)
Wearing: Helmut Lang sweater/Isabel Marant skirt/Gianvito Rossi boots/Balenciaga bracelet/Givenchy pouch/Prada shades

Sophisticated tailoring.

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Get your new season style down to crispy white and classy black.
Adorable red heels sparks it all up. Very predictable of me 1 or 1+1 or 2+1.
Thats my painting!
Wearing: FWSS pants/Gianvito Rossi heels/Ralph Laurent polo-neck/Chanel bag/Celine bracelet/Prada shades

Gimme more

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I love to be back home but still, planning new trips.Why? Does it mean that I'm just inspired or unconsciously miss much from Montenegro or do I just like to travel? However I had a great vacation! One of the best.
More about it on my instagram profile lifewithfashioncom

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Fire me!!

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Gosch its crazy !
Since ive started my vacation I have 100 things to do-just for myself!  Dancing,reading,being with my family,
go to bed when i want,wake up when I want, drinking cocktails, sneaking home at 5 am with my heels in my hand, or just doing nothing..... 
Tby AlexanderWang top/Acnestudios leather skirt/Givenchy antigona bag/Isabel Marant shoes/Celine bracelet/n my fav Linda Farrow shades

Between reality n fantasy

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I'm home. But not really. Or Is this the only real one? As every first this will be the most special one. Now I'm here enjoying with the best, my family.
Happiness, though between reality n fantasy...

Wearing: Alexander Wang shoes n sweather/Anine Bing hat/Givenchy pouch/drDre Beats

Good stress

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When u don t know what day it is ! Love it !
Just got back from Paris,had some fabulous days there..
Visited some of the most popular showrooms,made great purchases,new inspiration,got some new energy n ready for next trip!
Montenegro tomorrow! I will try to get some time for my little blogg ;-)

So- D Day-1 day !
 Wearing : Helmut Lang jacket (fall 2014)/Replay jeans/ TbyAlexander Wang blouse/Alexander Wang shoes/Givenchy obsedia/Vita Fede bracelet/Balenciaga bracelet/Hermes bracelet


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Ever think of how good you are in daily life?
Today i thought about those like me.
Running through the day with a big smile, having so much done by the end of the day!
Sorry if I sound cocky but - Respect.
Acne Studios boots & top/Tibi skirt/Saint Laurent clutch
Celine Bracelet/Prada shades
Love M

Nothing unpredictable.

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Structure. Form. Colour. Length.
For me - Just perfect!
Balenciaga top/Stylein skirt/
Gianvito Rossi shoes/Givenchy Obsedia bag
Love M

The new classic

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Smart and still super chic,even during the summer days/evenings,college sweater became a new classic. With or without shirt underneath, sporty or with high heels, It will always look modern and right.
The Norwegians made this one with feminine pleated shoulders which i love ! Fall Winter Spring Summer. name of the brand that we can use to name this fantastic piece!
FWSS sweater & shorts/ Alexander McQueen clutch/
Isabel Marant boots/Balenciaga,Vita Fede & Hermes bracelets
PS. D day - 2 weeks...
Love M

world of stylein

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Simplicity that gives us the possibility to show our character.
Elegance that's not boring, instead sexy. Urban and beautiful fashion with top quality,
made by Elin Alemdar - Stylein, my favourite Swedish fashion brand.
Wearing: Stylein top/Stylein skirt/Givenchy antigona pouch

D day - 3 weeks

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D day worth counting for.
Paris, Montenegro & Milan.
work vaccation work.. fantastic life 
While waiting im skinning my socks & pants.. ;-)
T by Alexander Wang shirt/Balenciaga bag/
Saint Laurent sneakers/Giuseppe Zanotti necklace/
Baum und pferdgarten skirt/
Love M

Who let the dogs out?

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Stripes, red lipstick & me?

Actually a big yes when I put it together with a piece of leather and my angry Rottweiler. And It's not any kind of red on my lips, this one Is Lady Danger ;-)...
Whatever you put on make It your way and It will work.

Wearing: Tby Alexander Wang sweater/Cos leather pants/Givenchy antigona pouch/Gianvito Rossi shoes/Mac lipstick lady Danger/Celine bracelet/Vita fede bracelet
Love M

Enough said.

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"Black is always elegant.
It is the most complete colour in the whole world made of all the colours in the palette".
Riccardo Tisci
Helmut Lang pants/T By Alexander Wang top/ Helmut Lang Blazer/
Saint Laurent boots/Celine bracelet/Givenchy Obsedia bag
Love M


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It's always about how not what you wear. If you are tired of wearing sweatshirt the ordinary casual way go for X-large and wear it like a dress. Or team it with a mini skirt if you want to go safe..
Designer, Dj, and international socialitè Marcelo Burlon expands his signature bold graphics, drawing inspiration from his colourful homeland - Patagonia - and mixing it with street flavour.
Marcelo Burlon sweatshirt/T by Alexander Wang skirt/Gianvito Rossi boots/Balenciaga bracelet/Celine trio bag
Love M

Time to show it.

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Where there’s novelty, there also must be a sign of continuity, as this season was big on building the crop top’s new versions on last year’s most outstanding styles.
 If you don't want to look like you've just wandered out of the house in your bra, you can start with a few buttons on your shirt...
T by Alexander Wang shirt/Stylein leather shorts/
Acne Studios jacket/Neil Barrett cap/ Celine Trio bag/
Gianvito Rossi shoes/Vita Fede bracelett
Love M

White devil

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3 right in 1: White, pointed & Gianvito Rossi. When you need to run In your high heels.

White+White - one more right for this season. Helmut jacket modern version of the 80ies,

with Rag&Bone cotton T-shirt. 

White wide short pants would be my perfect choice but great distressed Anine Bing jeans works anytime. And a touch of little black Chanel with It´s perfect all time chain...

I call It fashion with attitude...


Gianvito Rossi boots/Anine Bing jeans/Helmut Lang jacket/
Chanel bag/Rag&Bone T-shirt/Celine &VitaFede bracelets