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Jacket: Helmut (Lang)
Bracelet: Balenciaga/YSL/DjiDji
Balenciaga leather glove wedge
Happpy midsummer

What about sales?

Kategori: New posts

Now I really have to be patience with my impatience..
I actually don´t like sales!
Sales, discounts, red prices, VIP sales, 30%,50%,70% It feels like It´s the last chance.. 
Chance for what???
To buy something that i v been seeing for the last couple of months?
There must be a better reason then price itself. 
Sales confuse me, I dont like them...
This time I´ll go for the fall 2013, thats what exites me right now

When things goes in a good rhythm

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New projects on the way. Feels good..

It feels like this.... 

Go Sweden!

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National day in Sweden.

It's summertime, I'm experiencing some really nice days right now, I'm getting reminded of why I love this country...



Wearing: Alexander Wang shirt/Gianvito Rossi shoes/RA-RE jeans shorts/

Givanchy bracelet/Balenciaga belt/Celine Bag/Rick Owens jacket


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