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pre spring peek..

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Almost December. Sweden. Sunny. Santa is in town.
X-mas boxes everywhere around me. Me wearing pre spring 2014... Confused?
Actually enjoying, running forward and Im not bored.

Skirt & top from T by Alexander Wang 
Dianne Von Furstenberg down coat
Old but still stylish Acne boots
Celine trio bag
Love M

Nk Gallery fashion

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BLK DNM was launched in 2011. Designed and inspired from feeling and rhythms in central New York, BLK DNM is breaking all the rules with its contemporary, luxurious collections and combines floor-sweeping maxi dresses with lovingly worn leather jackets and jeans with a perfect fit. Instead of seasonal collections there are only a few key pieces, but everlasting investments..
Alexander Wang blouse/Helmut Lang jacket
BLK DNM waxed jeans No 4
All of the items above are to be found in the trendiest store in Gothenburg:
NK Gallery (Instagram #nkgallery)
Love M

one good saturday...

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When I start the day with a toast - It goes on all day long..
Wearing T by Alexander Wang dress/#nkgallery instagram
Todays daily paper..
Advices for winter parties. 
Tell you all about it soon...
 Love M...

Think rock & roll

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"A million years from now no one will care so get over yourself"
(Rick Owens)
BLK DNM leather jacket 1
Anine Bing leather pants
Louis Vuitton Brea epi
Lanvin shoes
Wearing the favourite classy & rock look-
silky blouse and shiny high heels, tote bag
with classic rock pieces..
Rock & roll could survive without fashion
but fashion without rock & roll is hard to imagine...



Love M


Buy a good feeling..

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When we do the things that we like, it might catch the eye from someone whose opinion we want to hear - then the satisfaction sets in & the urge to do more & even better.
Today I was attending a inspiering lecture.. An amazing lecturer gave us very good and summerized answers on so many of our questions and stories about our needs, dreams and choises. Everything is about - individual confirmation.
What do we love, want to have, to buy, to do - thats what identifies our self.
And we want the things that gives us a good feeling. We mentioned a good quote - "people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel".                     ( Maya Angelou)
In the interview I gave for NK Stil magazine somehow this Is exactly what I tried to explain in terms of shopping. As I mentioned before- buy a bag of satisfaction, dreams and self esteem.

Buy a good feeling because we need It more than the thing itself.


Love M



Skirt & tights is a pity but it works..

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It's all about taste but my legs like it when they are alone with my skirts.
If you live here where i do, forget it in November!
Almost did it with these combos, not all the way but close..

 Isabel Marant skirt & Bobby sneakers
Hermes gloves
BLK DNM sweater /YSL scarf 
Maybe more fun with a white one..
Helmut Lang jacket
Alexander McQueen clutch
BUT this is how we like it!
Love M

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