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This fall is mine.

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When black becomes bright.

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 I think since i care about clothing and its really a long tmíme ago, black & white

(more often just black) were the only colours for me. Then i change a LITTLE. Some gray, cream and eventually some red details...
So yeas I am really happy that black is back!

Wearing: Stella McCartney blouse (Distante)
Juicy couture skirt (Shopbop)
Zadig & Voltaire boots (fairfatch)
Balenciaga bag (mytheresa)
Helmut (Lang) jacket, Nk Gallery - (Find it here)

Me myself & I

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I'm trying to gather my three hundred thoughts when they erupt in my mind in a short not boring not stupid one..
I got some critics that Im not my self enough, that my sarcasm is missing, my sharp tongue, humor (thanks), details ...
If you ask me -I need more actuality, events, exclusivity ... It will be soon. And even if it is true that the reality moment is the most popular right now, I'll stay with lite info, visual, concise style.

I'm not going to complain about the fall in the middle of August. Nice to have just one month of summer..;-)



I love n miss you my Montenegro!



what inspires you?

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Many things, people, moments, places inspire us..
Style helps me to wake up, inspires me to go out n feel better. Music helps always whatever I do. Its more than a inspiration for me. Its necessary. N we all know very well that fashion through the existence has Its roots in music & litterature. Where else?


In Montenegro
Wearing Missoni poncho
(founder off this iconic house Ottavio Missoni unfortunally past away in may this year)

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