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When black becomes bright.

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 I think since i care about clothing and its really a long tmíme ago, black & white

(more often just black) were the only colours for me. Then i change a LITTLE. Some gray, cream and eventually some red details...
So yeas I am really happy that black is back!

Wearing: Stella McCartney blouse (Distante)
Juicy couture skirt (Shopbop)
Zadig & Voltaire boots (fairfatch)
Balenciaga bag (mytheresa)
Helmut (Lang) jacket, Nk Gallery - (Find it here)


  • Waheeda säger:

    Snygga bilder..<3

    Svar: Tack!

    2013-11-07 | 20:10:54
  • Julie säger:

    Åh vilken snygg blogg du har!!

    Svar: Tack så mkt!

    2013-11-11 | 01:39:28

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