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Deselved, wrinkled, sleepily.. Oversized with supertight, monochrome.
As usally my black meets white.
Sunday jazz after saturday house sound...
Key pieces for a cool downtown look: timeless white shirt with perfect Helmut leather pants.
Wearing: Acnestudios white shirt/Helmut Lang leather pants/Acnestudios jensen boots/Givenchy obsedia bag/Celine bracelet/Bottega Veneta bracelet/Maison Scotch hat/Prada shades


  • Susanna Maria J säger:

    Love it ;D

    2014-09-21 | 17:03:18
  • Anonym säger:

    Predivno :)

    2014-10-08 | 20:36:24
  • Anonym säger:

    Predivno :)

    2014-10-08 | 20:36:30

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