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Gosch its crazy !
Since ive started my vacation I have 100 things to do-just for myself!  Dancing,reading,being with my family,
go to bed when i want,wake up when I want, drinking cocktails, sneaking home at 5 am with my heels in my hand, or just doing nothing..... 
Tby AlexanderWang top/Acnestudios leather skirt/Givenchy antigona bag/Isabel Marant shoes/Celine bracelet/n my fav Linda Farrow shades


  • Sabina säger:

    Riktigt snyggt!

    2014-07-25 | 16:17:19
  • Anonym säger:

    Love it!

    2014-07-26 | 22:35:31
  • Anonym säger:

    Love it!

    2014-07-26 | 22:35:38

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