Buy your dreams instead

Go Sweden!

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National day in Sweden.

It's summertime, I'm experiencing some really nice days right now, I'm getting reminded of why I love this country...



Wearing: Alexander Wang shirt/Gianvito Rossi shoes/RA-RE jeans shorts/

Givanchy bracelet/Balenciaga belt/Celine Bag/Rick Owens jacket


Buy your dreams instead..

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I believed that i was buying things... things that were sometimes expensive, maybe sometimes not worth that much money or "do i really need this" so called things..Useful or less, reasonable purchases..
Then It turned for me to buy my so called dreams instead, and everything got much simplier..
Now, i invest in a good feeling and a good appearance!

Try to see it this way..
 Alexander McQueen scarf
Alexander Wang blouse
  Lanvin shoes
Chanel bag
 Rag&Bone jeans
 Hermes bracelet
 Acne sweater
Dont chase the classic blazer/jacket because you have high heels and evening clutch.
Take a collage sweater instead and give It some attitude

Happy Sunny Day!!

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 Goldie/beige Rag & Bone to match the sunny day
 life with fashion
And off course, Balenciaga bracelet in its place..
you'll find it here Lyst
life with fashion

Less is more..

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For me, less is allways more.A Simple
Hermes hapi bracelet with a silver clip and a  Tiny one - clear blue, rose gold