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good days...

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        The day of fashion,job,love n sun today...
Finally the Anine Bing order that I placed, arrived today to one of the best stores ever. It is fun to have this wonderful mix of avantgarde Rick Owens, classy Saint Laurent, trendsetting Stella McCartney, big Balenciaga, lanvin, Marni, with celeberties favourite shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti, fantastic Alexander Wang.. with contemporary but cool Zadig & Voltaire, sporty Ugg & Hunter..
And now trendy Anine Bing joined this fantastic union. Fantastic Distante!
It's woth a short trip to Belgrade just to see all pieces af art in these beautiful stores.
My outfit today reminds me of that only the best is good enough - Rick Owens leather..Undisputed!
Todays outfit
RIck Owens robot leather jacket/Anine Bing tank top/Isabell Marant sneakers/Louis Vuitton bag/DjiDji bangles with Mullberry leather bracelet


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