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Helmut Newton

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Today I bought a fantastic book, It felt good to be reminded of the legend Helmut Newton that I always admired.
I had a magic moment when I was listening to Katie Melua and leafed through the book ...
Some classics will always remain classics ..
Karl Lagerfeld, Paris 1976
French Vouge, Paris 1976
Yves Saint Laurent, French Vouge, Paris 1975
Kate Moss - Yves Saint Laurent, Paris 1993
Fashion Balmain - French Vouge, Paris 1979
Cahterine Deneuve, Paris 1976
YSL - French Vouge, Paris 1979
YSL, Paris 1979
Fashion Mugler, Monte Carlo 1998
Fashion Mugler . French Vouge, Paris 1996
Helmut Newton (1920-2004)
Helmut Newton was born 1920 in Berlin and passed away 2004 in Los Angeles.He is considered by many to be a legend in modern photography.
During the 1930s, he studied fashion and portrait photography.He was inspired by both Brassaïs as the documentary photographer Erich Solomon. He was published frequently in magazines Elle and Vogue and outside the fashion world he was noticed for his black-and-white photographs. He often tried to recreate the forbidden and scandalous - famous people caught in the act.



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